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The Bear Gallery

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Seth Adopted
Barclay, Adopted
Dew Drop Adopted
Perky Adopted
Boris Adopted
Crispin Adopted
Bobbins Adopted
Sevrus Blue Adopted
New! 'Little Ed' Adopted
Quince Adopted
Wilton Adopted
Elmo Adopted
Barnaby Adopted
Muttly Scruff Adopted
Werther, Adopted
Willibob, Adopted
Boo, 2.7" Adopted
Wilf and Wally Adopted
Anderson, Adopted
Parsley, Adopted
Wilton, Adopted
Fergus, Adopted
Bernie, Adopted
Barclay Bunny, Adopted
Bijou, Adopted
Wolter, Adopted
Oswald, Adopted
Ping, Adopted
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