Pickles, a commissioned bunny

Hello & welcome along to this adorable miniature bunny named Pickles, 'sitting' at approx 2.75 inches, he is fully jointed (5 ways)& very nicely weighted for that wonderful quality feel when you pick him up & hold him in your hands. This beautiful bunny was specially commissioned & I thoroughly enjoyed making him, I hadn't made a bunny for ages & was over the moon how Pickles turned out so I wanted to show him here in my gallery. He is very carefully crafted & sculpted to be 'all about the animal' he is made from a very beautiful dark grey miniature bear fur, the colour is absolutely wonderful with twinkly shiny flecks & a gorgeous shiny sheen when the light catches! So soft & silky & with the incredibly cute hand applied permanent spots. His face is just the cutest with his irresistable expression which seems to say to you 'please love me!' He has quality black glass shiny eyes with the 'googly-eyed' finish, his nose has been very carefully embroidered & finished with delicate soft shading, with cute blushing cheeks & stitched eyebrows, his paws have tiny embroidered claw stitching, he is wearing a vintage style black ribbon with a really lovely pendant featuring a bunny dscendant! He really is a wonderful and very cute endearing miniature bunny with so much detail in such a small package! He is very carefully filled to give a firm structure but also soft in all the right places. He can sit alone without props, he has a wonderful comforting cute chubby style tummy for that ultimate snuggly appeal but with a traditional style. A design years in the making & lots of hard work, fun & love! this miniature bear cub is a Barney Bears Original, completely designed & handcrafted by me - Cheryl E. Rogers, always taking the utmost care & attention to every tiny detail & stitch of every miniature bear I make. Please Note: Barney Bears are not suitable for babies & young children due to small parts used such as eyes, joints & steel shot weighting & decorations.
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