Herbert (4") Adopted

To adopt a bear please email meat [email protected] & please note shipping is extra for addresses outside the UK @ 7.50. Welcome along to Herbert! This unique one of a kind traditional miniature bear is made with a wonderful blend of Shulte mohair in pistachio/green/yellow hues, an adorable scruffy style little fellow. He sits at approx 3.5 inches & is approx 4 inches laid out. He is very nicely weighted, firmly filled but also soft in all the right places. My design is 'all about the bear' carefully crafted to create an adorable whimsical bear that will bring much comfort & give you that magical snuggly feeling, his face has such a 'who me?' kind of expression, such an innocent look but also with a kind of cheeky mischievious side too! guaranteed to make you happy & smile each time you look at him. He is 5-way cotter pin jointed. He really is a wonderful and very endearing miniature bear with so much detail in such a small package. A design years in the making with lots of hard work, fun & love! this miniature bear cub is a Barney Bears Original, completely designed & handcrafted by me - Cheryl E. Rogers, always taking the utmost care & attention to every tiny detail & stitch of every miniature bear I make. Please Note: Barney Bears are not suitable for babies & young children due to small parts used such as eyes, joints & steel shot weighting & decorations.
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