Old Herbe (2.75") Adopted

Hello & welcome along to Old Herbe, my little old worn & scruffy bear. He has a really wonderful cute fur in an aged green, with adorable & unique sruffiness! He has aged markings & primitive stitching in parts. This wonderful traditional miniature old bear has a sitting height of approx 2.75" & he is fully jointed (5 ways)& very nicely weighted for that wonderful quality feel when you pick him up & hold him in your hands. This wonderful little creation is very carefully crafted, shaped, formed & sculpted, he is such a great little chunky round ball of cuteness, very unique. He has tiny shiny black glass eyes & his face & body has been very carefully embroidered/shaded/painted with delicate touches, he has cute blushing cheeks & his paws have tiny embroidered claw stitching. He really is a wonderful and very endearing miniature bear with so much detail in such a small package! He is very carefully filled to give a firm structure but also soft in all the right places. He has a wonderful comforting cute chubby style tummy for that ultimate snuggly appeal but with a traditional style. I love this little fella! he is sure to make you smile every time you look at him. A design years in the making & lots of hard work, fun & love! this miniature bear cub is a Barney Bears Original, completely designed & handcrafted by me - Cheryl E. Rogers, always taking the utmost care & attention to every tiny detail & stitch of every miniature bear I make. Please Note: Barney Bears are not suitable for babies & young children due to small parts used such as eyes, joints & steel shot weighting & decorations.
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